Trigger Point Injections

Round Rock Disk and Nerve Center provides each of our patients with the best non-invasive solutions for muscle pain . Trigger Point Injections are safe and do not carry the risks and complications associated with long term pain medication use and surgery.

Trigger Point Injections can help alleviate your trigger point related pain fast!


Trigger point injections are used along with other types of non-invasive treatments to help improve patients’ health and activity levels. Trigger points are hyper-irritable spots in tight bands of muscles, often felt as knots, which cause discomfort and referred or radiating pain, while restricting movement and causing muscle weakness. Many ailments are associated with trigger points, including tension headaches, tinnitus, temporomandibular joint pain (TMJ), and low back pain. Chronic musculoskeletal disorders have also been linked to trigger points, and can cause patients to require chronic pain management.

Round Rock Disc and Nerve Center is an excellent resource for relief of trigger points. Used in conjunction with other physical medicine practices, trigger point therapy can be an extremely effective component of such a plan. Trigger point injections may contain all-natural ingredients, but can also be used to deliver medication associated with Western medicine, including lidocaine, steroids, or anti-inflammatory medications.

If you’re seeking pain relief, Round Rock Disk and Nerve Center can help! We are located in Round Rock, TX, and we often serve patients coming from the Austin, Georgetown, Hutto, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville areas of TX.

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This treatment has helped me to walk again without pain! No surgery for me! Staff are all so nice and I actually enjoy going there. Definitely the way to go with nerve or disc issues…couldn’t be more pleased.


Dr Eric Murphy and his staff is phenomenal. They are very nice and concerned about your pain. They are very helpful in getting you the proper treatment…


My physical health has significantly improved due to the care and treatment I have received since coming here. Not only is Dr. Murphy an excellent practitioner, but he is very attentive and actively listens to his patients.