Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medical treatments are non-invasive, non-operative solutions that help a patient’s bodily systems work to heal impairments naturally. It works to rebuild tissue that has been damaged due to disease or injury, eliminate pain at the source, and heal long-lasting injuries that interfere with an individual’s quality of life.

Regenerative Medicine can help end your joint and tissue pain!

Rather than having to rely on potentially habit-forming medication (that may be accompanied by an array of unpleasant side effects) or intense surgeries requiring long recovery times, regenerative medicine leads to improved mobility and body functions without the risks that often accompany traditional treatments.

There is a variety of different regenerative treatment options available today, including both cord blood cell and amniotic cell treatments. These cellular therapies encourage the reconstruction of damaged and diseased cells by helping the body utilize its own capabilities.

What was practically unheard of in past decades is now feasible thanks to developments in medical technology. In recent years, regenerative medicine has been shown to help individuals in Round Rock, TX heal after muscle tears, joint and bone injuries, and skin damage.

Regenerative medicine is not a cure-all, nor is it the next health trend. It is a legitimate scientifically-supported treatment that assists an individual’s tissues, joints, and cells to heal naturally. With a treatment of this type, our patients at Round Rock Disc and Nerve Center do not have to face the risks associated with long-term medication use or healing from painful invasive surgeries.

Ask about your condition to determine whether regenerative therapy is a viable option for your needs. Our medical professionals can help answer any questions you have as well as evaluating the best treatment plan possible.

Our experienced, professional staff strives to provide the best treatment options available for a wide variety of ailments. If you live in the Round Rock, TX. area and you’re interested in discovering how regenerative medicine can improve your well-being, we welcome you to give us a call at our office. A staff member will answer your questions and help you schedule an appointment.

We are located in Round Rock, TX, and we often serve patients coming from the Austin, Georgetown, Hutto, Cedar Park, and Pflugerville areas of TX.

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Changed Our Lives

This treatment has helped me to walk again without pain! No surgery for me! Staff are all so nice and I actually enjoy going there. Definitely the way to go with nerve or disc issues…couldn’t be more pleased.


Dr Eric Murphy and his staff is phenomenal. They are very nice and concerned about your pain. They are very helpful in getting you the proper treatment…


My physical health has significantly improved due to the care and treatment I have received since coming here. Not only is Dr. Murphy an excellent practitioner, but he is very attentive and actively listens to his patients.