Knee Decompression

At Round Rock Disc and Nerve Center, our medical professionals offer knee decompression for patients who suffer from knee pain, knee injuries, and inflammatory conditions like arthritis.

Knee decompression can help end your knee pain!

Knee decompression is accomplished by gently increasing the space between the knee joint, which involves separating the area where the femur and tibia join. Knee decompression does not mean simply ‘pulling’ the joint apart, rather, it is completed by creating a gentle vacuum that fills the joint space with more fluid.

In addition to providing more fluid, knee decompression stretches the tissue, ligament, and tendons surrounding the knee joint. Thanks to this non-invasive procedure, patients at Round Rock Disc and Nerve Center can experience relief thanks to additional space and cushioning in the knee joint.

How Does the Treatment Work?

Patients can expect to spend 5-10 minutes per session in which he or she will be seated with the leg extended. From there, a strap secures the upper thigh and a cuff secures the lower leg just under the knee. The cuff inflates, much like a blood pressure cuff and the therapist will utilize specific machine settings depending on the condition being treated.

The patient will then experience a gentle separation in the knee joint, resulting in the release of built-up tension. The process is repeated several times during a session.

Knee Decompression Can Treat an Array of Conditions

ACL or PCL Tear (Partial): Partial tears that do not require surgery can do well with decompression and a combination of additional therapies.

  • Sprains or Strains: If the sprain or strain in question is greater than six weeks old, knee decompression may be beneficial. For strains and sprains less than six weeks old, there are other therapy options at Round Rock Disc and Nerve Center.
  • Total Knee Replacement: Knee decompression can improve the range of motion for Round Rock patients who have had total knee replacements. If the replacement is more than a year old, knee decompression may be an option.
  • Meniscus Tear: Knee decompression may help patients with meniscus tears avoid surgeries by relieving long-term aching and stiffness in the joint.
  • Baker’s Cyst: Though this condition causes fluid build-up in the knee as a result of fluid-filled cysts, knee decompression can help treat the underlying causes.
  • Lateral or Medial Tear: The side effects of partial lateral or medial tears can be relieved with knee decompression and a combination of additional therapies.

Side Effects of Knee Decompression

We at Round Rock Disc and Nerve Center take care to provide therapies that keep side effects to a minimum. However, some patients may experience soreness after their first couple of knee decompression treatment. Side effects are temporary and usually mild in nature and can be relieved by applying ice to the knee after a treatment.

If you’re in the Round Rock area and you have a knee condition that causes pain and discomfort, you may very likely benefit from knee decompression therapy. Feel free to give us a call at Round Rock Disc and Nerve Center to determine whether your condition can be treated with knee decompression. One of our caring staff members will answer your questions and help you set up an appointment.

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